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Your dog is itching and scratching all over. He/She is losing their hair, have yucky spots on their skin, battling ear infections, and/or smell terrible. You’ve taken them to the vet several times and have had them on different medications. Maybe you’ve even taken them to the dermatologist and have had them back and forth for more allergy shots. You are wondering what is going on because these solutions seem to only work for a short time before the symptoms come back again.

Well, you have come to the right place. We deal with similar stories from customers multiple times every day. Find the real solution by following Nzymes Healthy Skin Program. Dedicate the time to really help your pet resolve this itching problem from the inside out…the natural way. Do this and we GUARANTEE that you will see a new pet – with healthy skin again.

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The Question

How Do I Get Rid Of My Dog’s Allergies?


The Problem

A Brief Overview Of Why “Allergies” May Not Be Allergies At ALL

The medical field defines an ‘allergy’ as “abnormal reaction or over-reaction of the immune system.” Therefore, when a veterinarian sees your dog’s immune system reacting (or being extra sensitive) to foods, treats, grass, trees, etc., they often believe it is allergies that they are experiencing. Typically a vet will prescribe an antibiotic, steroid, topical medicated cream, or antihistamine to help the symptoms. The PROBLEM with this approach is that the medications (like antibiotics and steriods) inhibit the immune system of your pet and often times can cause detrimental side effects…not to mention that the problem consistently comes back to haunt your pet, causing you more vet visits and medications. Allergy shots and dermatology visits are also often recommended once the medications stop masking the symptoms.

And “masking the symptoms” is exactly what these medications do. Our family business has been working with clients on a daily basis who have ‘pets with allergies’ for many years now. What research from our nutritional agents and holistic veterinarians has showed us is that almost EVERY TIME, the pet is actually battling a Systemic Yeast Infection. The only way to effectively manage this yeast infection is to naturally build the pet’s immune system and digestive tract strong enough so that the pet can then heal himself/herself. We have experienced such tremendous results with this approach for over a decade now, and more success stories come into our mailbox each and every day.

This is the approach that we take here at Nzymes. Our Healthy-Skin Kit has been carefully designed with a set of rules to successfully assist your pet in OVERCOMING these so-called “allergies”.


The Answer

The Answer has 4-Parts And 5-Rules to Follow!

The Yeast Candida issue is complex. Though the solution is not easy and takes time to defeat, the NZYMES¬ģ Healthy-Skin Program has a 11-year record of demonstrating REAL RESULTS, with success in tens of thousands of cases. Please see our Success Stories to see what our customers are saying about this program. The requirements are simple, though the program is not always easy. Please ADHERE to the Healthy-Skin Program instructions – either written or ONLINE (more detailed) for the best results. Remember to be patient and allow the necessary time for recovery.

The 4-Part Solution:

The 5-Rules to FOLLOW:

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VERY IMPORTANT: Take steps to reduce scratching or chewing Рsuch as usage of a soft collar, t-shirts, socks, or anything that will help reduce damage to the skin from the itching and scratching. Check the instructions for other suggestions, such as Original Listerine topically as needed to soothe skin.

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Pet Allergies vs Candida Yeast Overgrowth

The NZYMES¬ģ Healthy-Skin Kits are designed to offer a low-cost and effective way to support a healthy immune system. The Healthy-Skin Program will help with very the tough challenge of replacing the Candida overgrowth in the GI tract with healthy ‘friendly bacteria colonies’. This digestive imbalance must be ‘mostly’ corrected before your pet’s observed symptoms will significantly subside. However, secondary cleansing will continue for 5-6 months (or more) beyond the disappearance of most symptoms. A Maintenance Program is recommended after the detox to prevent future relapses of this very tough problem.


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Video about Jazz

Customer Testimonial: Kathryn Bennett

As some of you may know, who know Paloma, she developed a terrible rash on her belly that started out baseball size and grew to cover her whole belly and down onto her thighs.¬† I did everything.¬† I have been into natural healing for 40 plus years.¬† I used clay, apple cider vinegar, arnica, rescue remedy and on and on.¬† Some things helped a little but it just kept growing.¬† It developed black spots in the middle. I took her to the vet and prednazone and benedryl were given to her for “allergies”.¬† Being conservative I asked tor the prednazone pills rather than an injection so that I could administer it more slowly. I changed her food, took her off chicken and all the junk food dog biscuits and chewies.

Then, I started surfing the internet desperately.¬† I finally found this site that dealt with many skin conditions in dogs successfully. The products they recommended were over $100. ($118.) and they guaranteed their products as well.¬† At this point I didn’t care what the cost.¬† I just wanted my dog back, well and happy.¬† And, at this point, I actually began to fear for her life.

I began to read on their site and talk to their extremely helpful staff, I began to understand Paloma’s situation…(which for the most part is every dog’s situation). She had had chronic ear infections which the vet had treated with a product that can cause deafness… She had recently had her 2 year rabies shot about a month before this incident started…When I got her from the shelter they had spayed her, given her antibiotics, and all the puppy shots in one day. All of this had contributed to her already compromised immune system. Not to mention the stress that being an abandoned pup on the streets of Santa Fe had inflicted. All of this led to a yeast infection because of her compromised immune system, a candida overgrowth.¬† I also learned that this gut problem contributed to many other dis-eases: arthritis, hot spots, skin conditions,

I got her on a dog food that Nzymes recommended.  I got their products and began treatment which was so easy just adding the enzymes and probiotics to her food and water.  Within two weeks I could see that the rash was diminishing.  By three weeks it was 75% gone! I was also putting their diluted Oxy-E drops on her belly and in her water.

As I began to look at this 2 pound jar of enzymes I had purchased, it began to dawn on me that¬† this was way more than a month supply.¬† For my 75 pound dog was around a four month supply!¬† The other three products had the same kind of longevity. So I was actually spending around $25. a month for a healthy dog.¬† We will continue to use these products as a preventive for the rest of Paloma’s long and healthy life.

The vets like doctors treat symptoms.  They are greatly influenced by the animal pharmaceuital companies.  Many of our dog problems can be easily solved by treating the cause.  Which in so many cases boils down to a yeast imbalance.

In fact, although I can’t legally recommend it to you, I will never give Paloma a vaccine again.¬† We are instead doing the Titer Blood Test which proves the antibodies from her original vaccinations are active in her system making it unnecessary to re vaccinate.¬† Most people accept this test. And besides, the Parvo Distemper booster is actually optional in this state.¬† The only reason I did the 2nd Rabies was so she could get in Agility classes.

I was so impressed with this company that I became a dealer of their products.¬† If you are interested call them. They are much more knowledgable than I am.¬† Learn all about your dog’s condition and how these products help.¬† Even if your dog is not having any symptoms, these products help with dander and shedding, creating a beautiful silky coat and bolster your dog’s immune system against the onslaughts of our way of life.¬† Then buy them from me!¬† I am local and will deliver.¬† I have product here in Northern NM and in Albuquerque.

Thanks Kata