Melanomas in horses product-BacPakPlus

Melanomas in Horses:

Does your horse have melanomas?

See how NZYMES can help!

Melanomas are cancerous growths on the skin and are a fairly common issue with Gray or White Horses as they normally spend a great deal of time in the sun. The UV rays of the sun are thought to be a major factor in Melanoma growths in horses.


There are two key NATURAL NZYMES products which can help you battle with your horse’s Melanoma problem .

Antioxidant Granules: This ‘whole live food’ supplement is helpful in¬†supporting maximum immune system effectiveness as well as many other metabolic processes within the body. Many have reported that the horse Melanomas began to shrink in a short amount of time using the Nzymes Graunles.




Bac~Pak Plus: This product is a specially formulated combination of ‘digestive’ enzymes and direct-fed microbials (probiotics).¬† This is enormously helpful in the realm of repairing¬†digestive problems that can¬†form the foundation for many health issues in the body.




Watch the story of Trinket with Melanomas and Arthritis

An Article by Rachel Kitts (Nzymes customer):

Over the years of investigating nutrition for horses I have learned quite a bit. Especially when it comes to having a gray horse with the dreaded “M” word‚Ķ “Melanoma”. That word can strike fear into the hearts of gray horse owners all over the United States. Just like with humans and other mammals, they can be malignant or benign. Usually when a melanoma is removed by a vet and tests are done, they are harmless (benign); yet, for some reason they always seem to return. Not to mention that when they do return, it seems like they are more aggressive and seem to metastasize sooner, spreading more bad cells throughout the body.
Through my own personal studies I have found a particular feeding regimen combined with NZYMES¬ģ products that has either halted formation of new melanomas, made the melanomas dry up and fall off, shrink in size and/or disappear….

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